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The Retail Rush platform empowers partners

Take advantage of our Retail Rush platform with EPOS integration, allowing seamless interfacing with your client's POS system (Local Coupon Verify) or the POS systems of retail chains that distribute your products (Global Coupon Verify). A license is required for EPOS validation and redemption. Opt for redeemed a convenient and a nominal transaction fee per barcode redeemed.

The Retail Rush Partners

Campaign setup

Save time and resources with our partners' professional setup service.

Personalized landing pages

Request a quote for a seamless user experience.

Consumer insights

Unlock consumer behaviour secrets with insightful reports.

Store manager empowerment

Provide store managers with individual logins for realtime results and better control.

Consumer options

Capture valuable data by allowing consumers to provide information for unique Omnichannel Coupons.

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